Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Upcoming Kit Builds / Projects...

Here's what coming up....

I mentioned these in a post last fall with the exception of the Aurora Batman and Robin kits, those I recently snagged off eBay.

The first few pictures are of the Aurora 1965 Batman and Aurora 1966 Robin kits...  both are original Aurora and both are in serious need of restoration.  All the parts are there except for a couple of branches and the bats from Batman's base.  They will each get a bath in "easy off" this weekend in order to strip the paint and hopefully the old glue...

Next is the Moebius Iron Man MKIII, which is the first of the Iron Man kits they put out.  I'm going to be using the base (pictured) that I bought from Steve (CultTVman) a while back...  The figure is glued together into sub assemblies, with the preliminary sanding done.  Putty work next, then some primer.

Then there are two of the three busts that came with the Universal Monsters DVD set from a few years ago...  Wolfman and the Frankenstein Monster....   Stripped both and primed, Frankie has a base coat of "Necrotic Flesh" from the Army Painters "Warpaints" line.

There was a Dracula bust as well, but after stripping the factory paint it was so full of pinholes and bubble craters that I ended up tossing it in the trash....  Waaaaay too much work required to get it ready for paint.

In the same photo as Frankie and the Wolfman is a 100mm Texas Rifles Confederate soldier put out by "Michael Roberts Ltd"  and a photo of what it could look like.   If i'm lucky, mine might turn out half as good.  He's been primed and ready to paint now for a least two years...  LOL

The last photo is three 1970's Charbens figures from England, they were given to me a long time ago by long time member of the Clubhouse who is also from England, a great modeler and really nice guy as well.   I stripped the Robin and Superman, Batman was just raw plastic...

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  1. Hey Mark!

    I saw your name again at The Tholian Web, and wonder if you were able to get back to models, with all of the work you had to do. So, I'm glad to see you back into it, I missed seeing your awesome work.

    Being a Batman and Universal Monster fan, I look forward to seeing these done.

    I'm glad to once again enjoy seeing your model work again.