Monday, September 8, 2014

Moebius Iron Man MKIII In-Progress shots

Managed to get some work done on the Moebius Iron Man...  Here's some IP photo's:

Everything was primed with Dupli-Color White Sandable Primer...

The the figure was sprayed with Testors "Gloss Metallic Gold... Which to my eye's looks less glossy closer to a flat metallic finish...  And thats fine, as I prefer it this way.

After the areas that need to remain gold are masked off, he'll get a couple coats of Testors "Gloss Custom Clear Red" over the top of the gold.

The base was sprayed with Testors "Graphite Gray Metallic"...  I'm planning on doing some detailing with some silver and bronze for the base...  I haven't decided on the color to paint the letters on the nameplate yet.

Here's a quick shot of the suit (sans arms) standing on the base...

Another update soon...

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