Monday, September 8, 2014

Moebius Iron Man MKIII In-Progress shots

Managed to get some work done on the Moebius Iron Man...  Here's some IP photo's:

Everything was primed with Dupli-Color White Sandable Primer...

The the figure was sprayed with Testors "Gloss Metallic Gold... Which to my eye's looks less glossy closer to a flat metallic finish...  And thats fine, as I prefer it this way.

After the areas that need to remain gold are masked off, he'll get a couple coats of Testors "Gloss Custom Clear Red" over the top of the gold.

The base was sprayed with Testors "Graphite Gray Metallic"...  I'm planning on doing some detailing with some silver and bronze for the base...  I haven't decided on the color to paint the letters on the nameplate yet.

Here's a quick shot of the suit (sans arms) standing on the base...

Another update soon...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dr Jekyll as Mr. Hyde Photos Posted

I just updated the Horror Gallery with more photos of the completed Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde kit...

If you look along the top of the page you will see several headings Like "Horror" "Hero's" "Sci-Fi" etc... etc...  Click on the one that is labeled "Horror" and it will take you to all of the horror kit buildups I've done.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Upcoming Kit Builds / Projects...

Here's what coming up....

I mentioned these in a post last fall with the exception of the Aurora Batman and Robin kits, those I recently snagged off eBay.

The first few pictures are of the Aurora 1965 Batman and Aurora 1966 Robin kits...  both are original Aurora and both are in serious need of restoration.  All the parts are there except for a couple of branches and the bats from Batman's base.  They will each get a bath in "easy off" this weekend in order to strip the paint and hopefully the old glue...

Next is the Moebius Iron Man MKIII, which is the first of the Iron Man kits they put out.  I'm going to be using the base (pictured) that I bought from Steve (CultTVman) a while back...  The figure is glued together into sub assemblies, with the preliminary sanding done.  Putty work next, then some primer.

Then there are two of the three busts that came with the Universal Monsters DVD set from a few years ago...  Wolfman and the Frankenstein Monster....   Stripped both and primed, Frankie has a base coat of "Necrotic Flesh" from the Army Painters "Warpaints" line.

There was a Dracula bust as well, but after stripping the factory paint it was so full of pinholes and bubble craters that I ended up tossing it in the trash....  Waaaaay too much work required to get it ready for paint.

In the same photo as Frankie and the Wolfman is a 100mm Texas Rifles Confederate soldier put out by "Michael Roberts Ltd"  and a photo of what it could look like.   If i'm lucky, mine might turn out half as good.  He's been primed and ready to paint now for a least two years...  LOL

The last photo is three 1970's Charbens figures from England, they were given to me a long time ago by long time member of the Clubhouse who is also from England, a great modeler and really nice guy as well.   I stripped the Robin and Superman, Batman was just raw plastic...

And I'm back...

So I'm finally back at it after 10 months of craziness dealing with work and other issues...   Hopefully I will be able to keep working on some kits that have been gathering dust and also keep this blog updated.

On that note, here's some quick shots of the finished Dr.Jekyll as Mr. Hyde kit... He was finished about three months ago and I'm just now able to find the time to post some shots of it.  these were quickie photos taken with my cell phone better shots to follow in a few days and they will go in the Horror Gallery that you can get to from the link at the top of this page....

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And Another Much Overdue Update...

 Well I was able to get in some quality bench time this past weekend so I attacked The Dr. Jekyll kit with great furor in an attempt to finish it up...

It was a nice thought anyways... LOL!

But I did get quite a bit of work done on the good doctor...  Lots of detail painting and assembly.  The photo's below were taken on Saturday.    I was back at it again on Sunday, while there are no photos from Sundays session, I did manage to finish the kit with the exception of painting the name plate and giving everything a final shot of dull coate.

Once that's done I'll post the finished photos...  Hopefully sometime this week.  After that the next project in line will be either a pair of 1/6 scale busts that were pre-paints which I have stripped for re-painting or Historical figure kit I've had sitting primed and ready to finish for about 3 years now.  

My goal is to try and complete some half finished kits that have been collecting dust for a while now and have them all finished before I start any new projects.

Here's the list of what I intend to finish over the next two or three months:

Frankenstein Monster 1/6 scale bust (primed and ready for paint)
Wolf Man 1/6 scale bust (primed and ready for paint)

American Civil War Confederate Soldier 100 mm resin and white metal figure kit from "Michael Roberts Ltd" (primed and ready for paint)

Spider-Man 1/8 scale Aurora re-pop from Polar Lights (partially assembled, no primer or paint)

Three British 1970's Charbens plastic figures, all are one piece and about 4 inches tall... Superman, Batman and Robin.  These are very cool little figures... These were given to me a few years ago by a very generous and thoughtful member of the modeling forums at "The Clubhouse".   

Two of the figures, robin and superman have been stripped of their paint and batman is just raw plastic that had never been painted...  Been looking forward to getting these done and up on my display shelves for quite a while now.

Hoping to have a new post and some photos added to the gallery sometime later this week...  See you then! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

An Update... Finally!

A quick update with a couple of in-progress shots of Dr Jekyll as Mr. Hyde...   I managed to get just about all of the base coating done to all of the individual pieces.   Next step is to do the clear parts and the name plate.